Saturday, 20 October 2012

The not so idiotic things on the idiot box...

Someone asked me to put up a list of things I like to watch on TV. Firstly, I have to admit that as far as the TV is concerned, there is complete despotism at my place. HM is the master of the remote control and I don't  see the point in rebelling as I don't really mind watching the same things that he likes to watch. I have heard about epic remote control wars happening at various homes and I don't see the point. Why fight over something that can be watched on YouTube the next day? And why do you HAVE to see something or anything on the TV at all when you have books? Read something, I say. Anyway, all that aside, here is a list of sitcoms and series that I like to watch on the TV or the computer or wherever there is a screen that can transmit stuff.

1. Modern Family: This has got to be the most hilarious sitcom ever. I guffaw like an idiot when I watch this one. Need I say more? Oh and it won a ton of Emmys this year, so there.

2. Parks and Recreation: Full of delightful characters and abundant satire about the inner workings of the Local Government. Simply brilliant.

3. How I met Your Mother: I watch this only because it reminds me of 'Friends' and its kind of funny too. I'll watch anything as long as its funny.

4. Taarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma: For all those who think only English sitcoms can be funny, watch this. 

5. Cheesy, badly dubbed Tamil/Telugu/Kannada/Malayalam movies with the most shocking dance moves and an array of weirdly dressed Actors and Actresses. They have the best Villains.

6. New Girl: I have a thing for Zooey Deschanel. I adore her.

7. 2 Broke Girls: Anybody who likes or is a superbly sarcastic person with a caustic sense of humour will love this sitcom. Plus it has Kat Dennings. What's not to like?

8. The Middle: This sitcom will be loved by young and old alike. It is heart-warming and funny at the right places.

9. Glee: Only because I love music and drama and this has both with a generous sprinkling of witty humour.

10. Gossip Girl: It is addictive and it has the best dressed and best looking people as the cast. It is a style and fashion guide in itself. It made me wear a hair band with a bow. Enough said.

11. Masterchef Australia: IT IS ABOUT FOOD! Do I need more reasons to watch it?

12: Food safari, Man versus Food, Feast Bazaar, Poh's Kitchen and every other food show ever created. If its about food, I WILL WATCH IT.

13. Phineas and Ferb, Courage the cowardly dog, Dexter's laboratory etc:  Because you are never too old for cartoons.

14: Keeping up with the Kardashians: I don't know how to explain why I watch it. Maybe give it a go yourself and you'll know why.

This is quite the comprehensive list, isn't it? I do watch other stuff too. I like random documentaries on Discovery and Animal Planet or Nat Geo. But HM tends to watch all this more than I do. 
So we're done here. Feel free to tell me what you like to watch! Toodles, Y'all!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Me is turning into the first ever non religious saint...

Nirvana is the stage when you learn to block out the noises outside your head to hear the voice inside it. It is simple isn't it?

Not that I have turned into a big fan of religion, but I think reading the Bhagwad Gita again will be a good idea. When you're born into a specific religion, you sort of have no choice but to get sucked into following it for the first few years of your life. You go with the flow as you really don't get the concept of religion at such a young age. I first read the Gita when I was really young and consumed with the new found knowledge of words. I was a voracious reader and I literally read just about everything in the house. My mom had to hide her 'grown-up' books in a locker. Then there was this day when we ran out of books that could be read by me. My Grandpa was in the midst of some pilgrimage at that time and he found these English versions of the Mahabharat, the Gita, the Ramayan and several other books. He bought all of them for me. I devoured each one in the next few weeks and I was suddenly the kid in the house who had read the Gita, the Ramayan and the Mahabharat. My parents proudly asked me about obscure mythological characters at family functions and I was ready with a bio-data on each one of them. Sample this:
Mom: Beta, who was Meghnaad?
Me: Meghnaad was the son of Raavan and Mandodari. There was a loud flash of lightning when he was born and so they called him 'Meghnaad' or the roar of the clouds. He defeated Indra in battle and was called Indrajit as well. He was killed by Laxman.
Needless to say, this was very good entertainment for everyone. Cousins grew jealous of me and cursed me when their parents pushed them into reading religious scriptures. Grown ups were ashamed at the lack of their own knowledge. I was asked about countless deities and asuras and the stories behind them. At school, while kids recited Aesop's fables in class. I shocked them all with stories of Poothana who tried to kill Krishna with the poisoned milk in her breast. I regaled them with Soorpanakha's tale which ultimately lead to the kidnapping of Sita. I knew everything. What I didn't know is why knowing all this was important. I don't think I really learnt any major lessons through all that reading. It was all just one big novel for me where gods battled the asuras and won and how good always wins over evil. Later in my life when I saw evil winning all the time, I lost interest and faith both. Today I call myself an agnostic bordering on atheism and I don't intend to give religion or god another chance. But I'm just going to read the Gita again. Maybe I missed out on some profound knowledge that is hidden somewhere inside. My grandpa claims that once you truly understand it, it changes your life and you. I don't know. But it won't hurt to try. 

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Stuff that creeps up on you when you're not looking...

Some people just seem to be begging, "Get mad at me! Get mad at me!" and I cannot really give in to such childish demands so I annoy them by not getting mad at them. Then they get mad at me for not getting mad at them. Humans never made sense to me.

The loss of love can alter people in ways that they alone are aware of. Its like a little secret stowed away in a warm place inside their heart. Such things are truly personal. These are the only things that deserve attention and attachment at the end of the day. You can let everything else go.

I like being the slightly crazy woman who has bouts of sanity every now and then. Life is fun for me. I sit at my window and think profound things and sometimes, I just look at the sky and draw shapes with the clouds or I look down at the stray dogs milling on the street and ask them what they had for lunch. The answer is always the same, 'Garbage'. Sometimes I make sense and sometimes I don't. Actually most of the times, I don't. What's the point in making sense all the time? This compulsive and continuous need to make sense somehow doesn't make sense to me.

So I went to the mutton market with HM last Sunday and it was dirty and stinky as usual and as I was picking my way through an assortment of innards, I saw this little white lamb just sitting there in a corner, cowering in fear, the smell of death all around. And then I cried and it was all very embarrassing as I weaved my way out, sniffling and wiping my face with my sleeves. I don't really eat mutton unless I'm force fed by HM so I have an affinity for goats, I guess. They don't qualify as 'food' for me. I then wondered if I'd feel the same way for a baby chick. I love eating chicken by the way. Chicken is 'food' for me and that's why I'm okay with killing chickens but I can't bear to see a lamb being slaughtered. How convenient. I then felt like a hypocrite and it wasn't a very good feeling. Me no likey.

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Knick knacks

This day did not start so well. I woke up feeling drunk. Not hung over, mind you, just drunk. Stoned even. I could have easily put in another 4 hours of sleep if I didn't have to wake up and make HM some tea. That's how drunk with sleep I was. I couldn't walk straight and I just didn't want to open my eyes even if it meant banging into furniture and crashing into walls. But I finally did wake up after 5 whole minutes of somnambulism and all was blurry and out of focus like being in a dream. To cut the long story short, its almost noon and I'm still craving the warm confines of my bed. being drunk with sleep is by far the most amazing kind of intoxication. Its way too good for words.

One of my not so favourite shoes, broke a heel today. The other shoe is just fine and now I'm wondering how bad its going to feel and how unfair it is for me to put it out of business just because its partner lost a heel. I can almost hear it complaining, "But...I didn't even do anything wrong! Why am I getting fired for no fault of mine?" I'm feeling slightly bad. I always feel bad about these pairs where one is useless and the other is just good to go. Sometimes you have to throw out the useless one and since the good one is also rendered useless as it lacks its partner, it has to go too. Not in my world though. I have a lot of shoes, gloves, socks and earrings etc that have long been separated from their dead twin. I have no idea what to do with them but I can't throw them away. I'm weird that way.

I hate the word 'abyss' for no apparent reason.