Thursday, 26 July 2012

Trips and Journeys and the difference between them...

I am losing a little bit of patience every day. I don't know what I will do when I finally have none left.

'The Dark Knight Rises' is epic. I was touched and inspired by the film. Every character is portrayed as a hero/achiever and that is a wonderful thing to do. The best part is Bruce Wayne learning life lessons in the underground jail/well and finally making his escape. I had tears in my eyes. What a film.

Its raining outside. I feel like there are clouds inside my head. The lazy ones, which just drizzle half heartedly all day and make everything wet, but don't soak through anything. I like it when the rain comes down in torrents, pouring angrily. Soaking and washing away just about everything. Lightning usually comes along to make things interesting. I am hoping to spend a monsoon in Cherapunji. Just to see how it feels.

I'm thinking that people have interpreted intimacy in the worst way possible. I feel that you know a person intimately only when you've seen that person cry, get really furious, throw stuff around, squirm and wince in pain and maybe scream in agony. I could be wrong....

Oh and before I sign off, let me tell you that there is a very big difference between trips and journeys. Go figure.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

I won't because I don't want to!

And that is the reason I'm not posting anymore. I will when I feel like it. Maybe tomorrow, maybe next month. Who knows?

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Dutty boy...

Nayi khabar mein toh, I finally got my fringe and I'm already regretting it a little. Not that it doesn't look cute, which it does and its inviting a lot of compliments too. But I sort of miss looking at my forehead everyday, which is kinda weird. It belongs to me and I can look at it any time, but you know how it is...
Also made biryani for the second time and it was better than the first batch! Am I the most awesome cook or what? It was so unexpected, you know. I was making yummy food noises and praising myself with every mouthful of the delicious biryani while HM ate his in complete silence. Food does not excite him as much. I took major offence and bugged him to say something nice about my cooking, which he didn't. He had three helpings, so I know he liked it but he just does stuff like this to annoy me. Husbands, I tell ya...

So I was hanging out at the office lobby and one of the receptionists told me that some spineless lowlife in Assam committed rape and then this stupid newsreader gave away the victim's name on national television. This has obviously lead to nationwide uproar and everyone is calling the newsreader an idiot and  how she could do this when she herself is a woman and blah blah blah.... This is so typical of us Indians. We completely sidetrack the main issue and we spend a lot of time bickering about irrelevant things, like in this case, the moronic newsreader. Maybe the Teleprompter was at fault, who knows? And besides, is this the problem at hand? Are we equally enraged at the man who committed the crime? Are we discussing on amending the law so that rapists can be punished more severely? Holy cow no! We are instead calling a newsreader stupid. Like, wow. We really are a big bunch of idiots put together, aren't we?

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Mushrooms are nothing but stinky little umbrellas for bugs...

I've almost finished watching the first season of New Girl and I am slightly obsessed with the bangs that Zooey Deschanel and Hannah Simone are sporting. I want bangs so badly now, its not even funny. For the record, I did have a haircut with bangs some months ago but it all grew back. I have already called my regular hairdresser and badgered him to give me an appointment.ASAP. He now works for some fashion magazines in Mumbai and shuttles between Pune and Mumbai to keep his appointments. I cannot imagine having anyone else cut my hair. He is a L'Oreal Professional and really knows his job. Anyway, I am pretty excited. I must be a very shallow person, you know. Things like a new haircut or a new shade of nailpaint are enough to excite me. Either that or then I am a very naive person. God alone knows.

Bandra has a Farmers' market on Sundays. Lucky people ya. All we have here is the filthy Shivaji Market with Meat, Chicken, Fish, Vegetables, Fruits, Crockery, Pasta, Herbs and Bangles all thrown in together in a big dirty mess. HM and I visit every Sunday to buy meat for the dogs and vegetables and fruits for us. If you know where to look, you will actually find quite and amazing variety of things that you possibly did not hope to find in a place like this. For example, the fish market has wonderful lobsters and red snappers. Good quality and pretty cheap too. Also, this shop in the vegetable section sells the most amazing asparagus and avocados and do not get me started on the cherry tomatoes and zucchini. They all look so nice and colourful when arranged together. On second thoughts, maybe we don't really need a farmers' market. We're good.

I am a lazy person. Way too lazy. Which is why I will only write this much today. No more. 
Toodles, Y'all

Sunday, 8 July 2012

If you're silly and you know it, just sit there and hum a showtune...

Last week, I found this quaint little book store on 2435 East street. It is an awesome place filled with dusty bookshelves and it is very cramped too, but the good kind of cramped. HM and I sort of wandered in and I was instantly reminded of the library at the Bombay High Court. Same dusty old bookshelves and slightly dank odour coupled with the lovely vibe of profound wisdom that only comes from old books. I was instantly mesmerized and felt a lot like I'd fallen down the famous rabbit hole and arrived in wonderland. Very few places make me feel like this. While I twirled around like a drunk idiot, HM bought the latest issue of Harvard Business Review. Surprising, since just about everything in the store was quite old. The payment counter had an old tin box with a handle and the owner was stuffing his money in it. No cash register and all. I was then convinced that the old world charm was just a result of plain languidness on part of the owner. He presumably had a computer in the back because I happened to ask him about Arundhati Roy's books and he conjured up a printed list of her complete works in no time and also declared that he had all of them. Very impressive. I also spotted the latest issues of every fashion magazine on earth and I just wanted to jump around in excitement but I didn't. Some of them were way out of my budget. Anyhoo, if you're in Pune and you like books you should totally visit this place. It looks really unimpressive and plain from the outside but don't be judgemental about it. It has a really good collection and I can't wait to go back and get some more books.

In other news, I saw this completely naked man on my way to work. His nudity wasn't the jarring kind and I was more bothered about the fact that he didn't have any clothes on in this bad weather. I was instantly reminded of HM's old clothes and raincoat and how the 'nangu aadmi' could use them. But I don't know if it would be appropriate for a woman to approach a nude stranger with a bundle of old clothes. I mean, in my head it is a pretty okay thing to do if you consider the thought behind it, but as HM would say, "It would be wrong on so many counts". Sometimes I feel like people overthink normal stuff and then everything begins to feel and look wrong. Too much of thinking never did anyone any good. But I suppose now the 'nangu aadmi' will have to roam around like that till I can convince some man to go deliver the old clothes to him. I'm thinking that it will be a difficult task because even that would be 'wrong on so many counts' if you think about it. Pwah!

I tried my hand at making Chicken Biryani and it turned out so good! I marinated the chicken overnight and it made the meat very flavourful. I also fried some onions and chopped up a lot of coriander and mint and put all this on top of the rice when I layered all of it on the chicken. Some of the chicken caught the pan and it didn't burn. Instead, it got this wonderful smoky flavour and that was just too good for words. I am going to make some more biryani very soon. Yum!

This picture is for all those who like me, love the monsoons but only from the warm confines of their comfortable homes. I have had the very educational experience of walking around in the rain during my stint in Mumbai. My office was at the Bandra Kurla Complex and the Kurla station is synonymous to unspeakable filth during the rains. I have walked around in knee-deep sewage water to get to work on time, dressed in expensive trousers from Globus and a very nice F21 blazer. Good times.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Rudder is Udder with an R.

It is a dull day. There is a general feeling of confusion around and everyone appears to be slightly lost. There is nothing to do and nowhere to go and oddly, this lack of activity is a refreshing change. I can feel a dull, throbbing pain in my head but it isn't bothering me much. I am feeling weird inside. I am trying to think of something that will make me feel better but nothing's coming up. I am just sitting and writing out all this and it is not helping, but it's not making matters worse either. I have to stop.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Oh Womaniya....

I do not understand why people think GoW is a violent film. It is a little graphic with all that blood strewn all over and the slaughter house scenes and stuff but other than that, I don't think it's violent at all. I for once enjoyed the film. I would totally watch it again. Besides, what is the big deal about the film being too long? It's not longer than 'Border' or 'LOC' is it? Didn't think so either.
The film is riveting, has the simplest of plots put forth in the most unique way ever and do not get me started on Manoj Bajpayee. That man be awesome.
Also, this Richa Chadda lady has been on my radar since her meaty little role in Oye Lucky Lucky Oye. She surpasses herself in GoW and plays Nagma with elan. One of the best performances by an actress till date. I say, give her some awards this year!
Best scenes for me would be all the ones where Nagma is swearing at her scumbag of a husband while effortlessly displaying her obvious love for him. The womaniya rocks.
The other brilliant womaniya in the film is Sneha Khanwalkar who provides the pulsating soundtrack for this power packed film. Lets face it, it isn't easy to notice the music in a movie which has so much going on in terms of the plot and innumerable characters. But the music manages to grab you and adds to the rustic charm of the film. All in all, the critic in me is singing praises. Don't miss this one.