Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Rudder is Udder with an R.

It is a dull day. There is a general feeling of confusion around and everyone appears to be slightly lost. There is nothing to do and nowhere to go and oddly, this lack of activity is a refreshing change. I can feel a dull, throbbing pain in my head but it isn't bothering me much. I am feeling weird inside. I am trying to think of something that will make me feel better but nothing's coming up. I am just sitting and writing out all this and it is not helping, but it's not making matters worse either. I have to stop.


  1. Trying going to 1 of the coffee joints and having HOT Chocolate Truffle. Chocolate will boost your mood... :)

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    2. @Shivanggie: You think so? I'm heading out right now. Thanks a bunch gal!