Monday, 1 August 2011

Pastel Crayons

I went to Crosswords to buy a Wren and Martin for my grammatically challenged colleague and came back with a box of Pastel Crayons. Don’t ask me why. I just could not resist the intense urge to buy a piece of my childhood. I still recall hours spent in Art Class creating amateur masterpieces that had no takers and were used to adorn the classroom walls or Maa’s fridge at home. So I came back to work with the box of pastel crayons and sat back to admire them. I took out a Red crayon and tried to draw something. I drew red clouds, red houses and red animals. Pleased with my artistic handiwork, I began to wonder what else I could do with the crayons. I highlighted my case files with Green, Blue and Yellow. I now have a large number of legal papers with bright pastel crayon highlights in them. I’m glad I put my pastel crayons to good use.

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