Thursday, 21 June 2012

You're mad or what?

"What you doing like a mad person haan? Don't do like this, I'm telling you".
"You don't have other work to do kya? Simply wasting time doing nonsense".
"I will tell your name to my miss".
"Arrey why are you troubling me always? I will beat you okay?"
"Your mother taught you this only na? Stupid".
"Don't come on this side of the bench okay? You are dirty".
"Shhiii! You didn't have a bath na? Yellow yellow dirty fellow".
"What your mother gave you for tiffin? You want to eat my dosa?"
"My father will beat your father na, then you'll understand".
"That miss is always giving remarks. She is mad".
"Why you did not do your maths homework? Now toh you will pakka get punished".
"Chheee! What dirty handkerchief you are using? You will get sick na!"
"You shut up, stupid. No you stupid. Same to you. Mirror. God in middle full stop."

The above sentences were overheard at a lunch break in school. Kids are awesome.


  1. hahahaa yup kids are awesome,, are you a teacher?
    I am also starting teaching super soon :) :)

    I like your blog and m a new follower,, loved your blog name :)

    Have a great day ahead :)

  2. @Namita: I'm a lawyer but I really enjoy the company of kids. Glad to hear you're going to be a teacher! You will have wonderful stories to tell. Thank you for the kind words & keep visiting!

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  4. Hey..This reminds me of my childhood days..pinning up that handkerchief on the pinafore,fighting for the
    * first bench :O *,complaining about your bench-neighbors to teachers...NOSTALGIA!!

    Your newest follower,

    1. @Pooja: Totally! I was always one of the backbenchers and my teachers often complained about how talkative I was. Then everyone else had a growth spurt and the shorter students were sent to the front benches. I miss school.
      Thank you for the kind words and keep visiting!

  5. I am baffled by the last sentence... !!! (Speechless :)

    1. @Meoww: That is the kiddie version of swearing. You should totally go ask a third grader to explain that to you! I miss the times when I used to swear just like that and the omnipresent 'F' word was absent from my vocabulary.