Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Do this...do that...do...Yankee Doodle Doodle Dooo....

I hate how I've neglected my blog for so long. Blame it on my super hectic work schedule and rapidly approaching deadlines. I like being busy but I also love complaining about how 'busy' I am. I dunno, it just gives you an edge when compared to other relatively 'free' people. Are you free? Nope, I'm really busy. Sounds all important and professional. Like you're doing your bit to save the world or something when in reality you're just drafting a particularly boring conveyance deed that isn't going to change anything in this world. Busy busy busy...Yeah right.

P the mongrel is currently sulking royally. She refuses to come out and sit with the rest of us i.e. Me, HM and H when we watch tv or have dinner or such other stuff. She just sits alone in the bedroom, moping and making sad puppy faces. I've checked her for fever and monitored her eating. She seems fine health wise. I wonder what is the matter with her. Me thinks, we should get a dog whisperer to come and communicate with  her.

Why is a dumbbell, called a dumbbell? I mean, why? It doesn't look dumb and it definitely isn't a bell. Far from it actually. It annoys me when things don't relate to the names they have. Like pen drive for instance. It isn't a pen, and drive is a verb.Why use it as a noun?

Someone asked me the other day if I was a judgemental person. Before I could answer, the person had already remarked that I seemed to be so. Oh...kay. That doesn't make ME judgemental, does it? I smiled a lot that day...

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