Wednesday, 21 March 2012

The Phoenix should have been real....

Wow, the more and more I get to know my dogs, the less I like hanging out with people. Dogs just tend to let you be, unless they're hungry and you're in charge of feeding them, in which case they put up a pretty peaceful 'Satyagraha' kind of protest. They wag their tails, do all their tricks and follow you around with a sad puppy face and do everything short of actually begging for food. Which is fine by me. I like people who have basic needs, who are intelligent (like my dogs) and are quite modest about it. Besides dogs can be very profound if they want to and not brag about it like humans do. A dog will not come and declare that he is a dedicated follower of naturopathy and eats only grass to cleanse his system or how sometimes he likes to meditate by quietly staring out of the window and looking at the wonderful birds, trees and other stuff out there. He will not tell you that he believes in Zen philosophy and has achieved the rare state of an empty mind. He will not boast about how he has found peace. Dogs are awesome. Period. We humans are just a big bunch of idiots for them. I'm sure they laugh at us behind our backs.

Oh yes, we are. If that was true, then I'd be a glutton. Seriously. You should see how much I crave food.
Anyway, I've studied Aristotle and his fellow dudes like Plato and Marx and other cool guys when I was majoring in Political Science. There, I've said it. I have an Honors degree in Political Science, like, what was I actually thinking, right? I have no idea either. I really enjoyed my education though. Arts students always do. We study History, Politics, Literature and it is awesome. I always pitied the science students who always had some entrance exam to worry about, some lab to rush to and a bunch of journals to complete. Also, they did all this with the expression of a dull donkey who'd been asked to pull a cart full of really heavy and ugly stones. Sad.

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