Monday, 5 March 2012

Four legged furry bundles of joy.....

If you live in Pune and you like dogs, and I mean ALL dogs, you have to pay a visit to Jeevraksha. The indefatigable Lila Parulekar has done what most only talk about. She has given a home to more than 300 stray dogs. And as she stays bed ridden with Alzheimers, Parkinsons  and other complex ailments, her dogs roam freely in the 3 acre land surrounding her modest bungalow. The kind woman has kept only one room for herself. The rest of the house is reserved for the dogs who come and go as they please. One can donate food, milk and medicines. Cash donations are not encouraged as they can be easily misused by the workers who are not supervised. But if you really want to donate something, donate your time. The dogs are friendly and loving and more often than not, they just want a loving pat on their head and a few kind words. They are all very sweet and wonderful, each unique in its own way. Ninja, the hairless dog who is suffering from severe scabies will rub his bald head against your leg and beg to be petted. Sweetu, the abandoned pomeranian will wag her tail and welcome you. Pari will jump with joy and all the puppies will tumble over themselves, eager to get a warm cuddle or a loving home. You could adopt one of them. If Lila opened her doors for 300 dogs, maybe you could welcome one into your life? The joy and contentment is immense. Try it.

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