Monday, 27 February 2012

Shut your eyes and when you open them, it will all still be there. Idiot.

So I was watching the Academy awards this morning and it was fun! None of the bollywood song and dance stuff, but it was entertaining nevertheless. I was just imagining how it would be if Angelina Jolie suddenly came on stage, dressed in a skimpy lehenga and started gyrating to Chikni Chameli. Meryl Streep would faint. Anyway, speaking of item numbers, Malaika 'Jhandu Balm' Arora Khan is doing some 'Anarkali Disco Chali' shit. I don't really see the point. Item numbers are more or less unnecessary. When will we make some more meaningful cinema? I'm sure if my friends are reading this, they'll just ignore my rant. They know of my obsession with parallel cinema, documentaries and art films. An old friend still curses me for dragging her to watch 'Raincoat' thrice. Another friend will recollect how much I cried after watching 'Shwaas'. I like my dose of entertainment, as long as its not mindless crap. Call me a snob, I couldn't care less. I'll just buy you a DVD of 'Parzania' or 'Bhumika'.

HM took his role of being my husband way too seriously and went and bought me a new scooter. He is nice that way. The scooter is awesome. I came zipping on it to work today. It is attracting quite a few envious glances. Anyway, the initial happiness of being gifted something like this was replaced by a sad feeling in the pit of my stomach. I must be an idiot, but sometimes I want to be able to do things for myself. Buying a scooter was one of those things. All said and done, I'm a proud wife. But I'd like to be a proud woman too. I just don't know how I can make everyone understand this. I'm not even sure how right I am when I think such things. I need one of those counsellors who make you lie down on a sofa and listen to you crib and then charge you for it.

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