Sunday, 12 February 2012

Love and other such nonsense...

I tried really hard to write something for St. Valentine's day. I still can't find something sensible to write. All sorts of nonsense comes to mind when I think of Love. I was a very mushy and romantic idiot when I was in college. Basically, I was all gung-ho about love and stuff before I got married. Post marriage, it was a different thing altogether. I realised that marriage can make you love and hate the same person at the same time. Very complicated emotion, I tell you. I really wouldn't want to explain the nuances of it. I am basically a very uncomplicated person at heart and that's why I dislike things that are difficult to comprehend. It started out with a severe aversion to mathematics and it's problems and now its other things like marriage and love etc that confound the shit out of me. I have literally forgotten what being in love means. I know better things now. Like tolerance and patience and how to live with a person who annoys you and then makes your heart skip a beat. I have learnt that I can be super mad and throw things around and only one person can make me feel that way. I know that someone controls my feelings like never before and that I can do the same to him. It is freaky. It is hauntingly beautiful. It is better than being in love. Difficult, but totally worth it. And this, my friends, is my Valentine's special post. I dedicate it to HM who is a totally unromantic person. Who never says 'I love you', but loves me nevertheless. Who I love so much that I've become exactly like him.

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