Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The moon should have been neon pink...

So, my dear friend who likes to call herself my 'honest critic' is back with a barrage of questions. I have no idea why she refrains from posting comments. She says she is too lazy to type. Alright then, here is what she asked me.

Why do I blog anonymously?

I blog anonymously because there is so much more one can do in life if people don't know who you are. For example, Mrs. Pratibha Patil cannot stroll out on a Sunday evening to eat chaat from the nukkad ki dukaan. Reason? Everyone knows who she is and she has to live up to an image. It is for the same reason that Shahrukh Khan's wife cannot go to the sabjiwala to buy her veggies and why Aishwarya's baby cannot go to the local park to play chuppan chuppai. I blog anonymously because I have to live up to an image and it would suffer to an extent because of my insane ramblings. Besides, that just gives me freedom to write whatever I want. A freedom I cherish so much, I don't mind the anonymity in a world where people are trying hard to let the world know who they are.

What makes me happy?

Being with my husband makes me happy. His Majesty or HM as he's often referred to, is a quiet, simple chap who is an absolute delight to live with. Cooking for him, laying out his clothes every morning and other mundane chores make me happy. I like the fact that I can do these simple things for him. I feel happiest when he comes into the kitchen to ask for a second/third/fourth helping of dal or sabji. I love it when he tells me he's hungry. I don't know if all wives get their dose of happiness by doing stuff for their husbands, but I do. My world is pretty much centred around HM and I like it that way. Being with him has made me selfless, caring and more sensitive to other's needs. I love being the dedicated and pampering wife. There's nothing like it.

Why did I choose 'Lost & Found' as a pseudonym?

Because we lose ourselves in the things we love. We find ourselves there too.
I did not say these awesome words. Some famous person did. If you're curious to know who it is, just google it. I just relate to what is said. It stands true for me and hence the name 'Lost & Found'. It also helps that in  life, I've lost myself plenty of times and found myself again. I will continue this trend in the future too. It is my own style of self discovery.

I have now decided to never celebrate my birthday again. It is pretty much pointless, I think. I was born, like, 26 years ago and I think its alright to stop celebrating now. We don't have to do it every year. Its boring. As for the gifts, you could give them to me any time of the year. Whatever is fine with you. I really like receiving gifts and its better when they just arrive without any particular occasion. Birthdays just demand gifts to be given and where's the fun in that? I think people should give you nice things when they feel like it not because its your birthday and they HAVE to give you something.

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