Monday, 6 February 2012

Tell me why....

A friend asked me how I could praise a fashion blog in my last post. She's talking about Manou's Wearabout, which I evidently love. She said it is in complete contradiction of the view I endorsed in one of my early posts, wherein I've strongly criticised people who follow fashion labels and make a big deal about it, regardless of what their personal style is. She felt confused. Do I like fashion or do I not? Well, firstly, I don't just like fashion, I adore it. But my idea of fashion is very different from that of the average Hermes toting socialite who swears by her Legers. And that is where Wearabout comes in. Manou showcases street style and how common people incorporate fashion in their life. Believe it or not, he has some roadside beggars and drifters featured in there too. Fashion is all about creativity and individualism, so why not? She has also asked me to write about my favourite designers. My favourites are Sabyasachi Mukherjee for his ethnic simplicity, Kallol Datta for his creative silhouettes and Shivan & Naresh for their gorgeous designs. I do not like Manish Malhotra, Abu & Sandeep or Gauri & Nainika. Nishka Lulla and Masaba Gupta seem promising. Her next query was about my personal style. My personal style is basic and minimalist. I love wearing saris, though I never really get a chance to wear one. I am most likely to be seen in a tunic and slim corduroy pants. I don't accessorize a lot. I only wear a delicate mangalsutra and a bracelet or kada. I am most likely to be seen without any ear rings. I do not own a fancy watch. I wear a Fast track or Citizen watch. I like heels as they give me a good posture. In flats, I tend to waddle around like a duck. So there, dear friend. And thank you for being so attentive.


  1. hey stumbled upon your blog by chance . you write so very well. I showed your posts to a few friends and even they seemed to like it. Very cute , cuddly and sweet posts!!! Keep writing

  2. Hey Ananth! Thank you for the kind words!