Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Lets start a new language. Lets call it Weirdan or Weirdese or maybe Weirdi....

I feel a tad bit neurotic today. I also feel disconnected with reality. My soul is wandering somewhere on the street between High Court and Colaba Causeway. Its 6:45 pm on a Tuesday and it'll probably make its first stop at this quirky thrift store on Causeway and then go for a quick bite to Theobroma before proceeding to Navy Nagar where my favourite maamu lives. His naval quarters are beautifully done up by my eclectic and aesthetically brilliant maami who makes the most wonderful Eggs Benedict ever. My soul will then go sit in his balcony and read a book while occasionally glancing to see the ships sailing on the horizon. Perfect evening. But its time to leave and I have to summon my soul so I can drive back home and cook for HM, take the dogs for a walk and watch some sitcoms before going to bed. One soul, too many places to be at. A supposedly sad scenario I must accept. Sigh.

Wearabout is the best fashion blog ever. Loads better than High Heel Confidential and Bohemian Like You. Look at me pimping other blogs while nobody does the same for mine. I'm trying hard to feel offended but I really couldn't care less. I write for myself more than anything else. I like reading my old posts and then reminiscing about how and what made me write those words. I remember how I was feeling when I wrote all that. Its like opening an old album of your own pictures. Really good thing to do.

Is 'Jingbang' a word? Tell me? This colleague at work uses it so much! She's like 'Jingbang this and Jingbang that'. What does it mean anyway? I'm very curious to know so I can use it too. I like using weird words. It totally suits my personality. Me thinks, all weirdos should have an official secret language. Like elfish in LOTR. Oh, it would be so good.

And here, we have this totally adorable doggy in a basin. It's expression seems to say, "Umm...are you humans done with the photography? I need to get out of here, like right now." 

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