Monday, 2 January 2012


In case you're wondering why I named my previous post after a box of tissues, there is no good explanation for it. I finished writing the post and I could not think of a title for it. The aforesaid box of tissues was lying on my desk and hence, the post was dedicated to it. It is a good box of tissues. Very useful. Especially when I am eating and typing. Enough about the tissues now. I saw Ra.One yesterday. I think Shahrukh Khan's clone or whatever was really good looking. I especially liked the blue eyes. I think he manages to dance quite well too. He had better moves than Kareena in the Chammak Chalo song. The movie on the whole was a boring dud. So was the New Year Party I went to. The DJ was a retard. The food was great though and hence the party turned out to be a long, drawn out dinner than anything else. We just sat in a place and stuffed our faces. For four long hours. Come to think of it, it wasn't so bad afterall.

I have a headache. Ever since P, the mongrel bumped her bony head against my chin. And this happened yesterday, so you can imagine how long I've been suffering from this headache. P and H had their baths yesterday. And while H resignedly accepted her fate and allowed us to bathe her, P took it upon herself to run around in the tiny bathroom and make the whole activity hellish with her loud squeals and yelps. Meanwhile, the maid tried to clean up our living room that had transformed into a puddle of muck. P eventually finished her bath and came out of the bathroom to sun herself in the balcony. But the maid decided to leave at that exact moment and P thought that it would be a good idea to follow the maid outside . So she bolted out of the front door and I ran behind her and then began the most exciting chase sequence ever. The watchman, the maid and Yours Truly did everything possible to catch P, but she was way too fast for us. We finally managed to corner her and when I went closer to hold her, she jerked her head upwards and it caught me in my chin. Oh, the pain! I think I cried a little. P was unceremoniously escorted back upstairs and scolded for 15 minutes, during which H hung her head in shame. H, the Labrador is rather sensitive to such things. P, on the other hand was busy sniffing her freshly washed paws and completely ignoring my outburst. I think I forgave her when she came near me and licked my nose in apology. That brat be cute! But I'm still stuck with the headache that ensued later.

A, the neighbour's toddler, is currently my favourite friend. She is 18 months old and has tiny teeth and wispy hair. An absolute delight. She loves the dogs and goes 'Bho bho' everytime she sees them. She calls HM 'bho bho' too and that makes me laugh. She calls all the women 'Amma' and one day when HM offered her a piece of chocolate she called him 'Amma' too. Maybe babies associate mothers with food. Wonderful logic. I like A because she lets me comb her hair and speaks very little. Most of it is gibberish, so we're good. This goes to show what and how little I expect of my friends.

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