Tuesday, 24 January 2012

You can stand under my umbrella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh....

I finally learnt to solve the rubik cube on my own and that too in less than an hour. Bow to me you lesser mortals! I have conquered the realm of the coloured squares that baffle your minds. I am awesome! Yeah....well. It seemed very exciting for roughly five minutes. I rapidly lost interest thereafter. My colleagues are now taking turns to scramble the cube for me and are sufficiently awestruck every time I solve it. It is a little cute, you know. Reminds me of the time in Art class at school, when I was the only one who could draw a coconut tree. All my classmates had lined up with their drawing pads and watched in wonder as I skilfully drew around 40 coconut trees in quick succession. It helped that I had a J.J. School of Arts graduate as an Aunt, who had taught me to draw several things in artful fashion. It also helped that we were all 8 years old and incapable of drawing anything beyond snowman-like cats and houses with sloping roofs and shining suns. Good times.

I will soon be the proud owner of Ubislate 7 aka Aakash Tablet. It is dirt cheap (Rs. 3000/-) and will give me the satisfaction of owning a tablet PC. I don't give two hoots about technology and couldn't care less about specifications, features et al. I am just excited that the product is Indian. It is stirring up the patriotism in me. I want to wave my Aakash tablet around and snigger at the Samsung and Apple users, one of whom is HM. He has this ridiculously expensive Galaxy S2 phone which is the cynosure of all his attention. I do not like overpriced firangi products. They annoy me in ways I can't possibly express. Anyway, I have to wait for another two months before the benevolent company decides to bestow me with the much awaited tablet. I cannot wait that long...Ohhh the excitement! (Wiggles fingers and does a little jig)

I bought some chamomile tea to soothe my frayed nerves. I am drinking some every night before I sleep. So far, it has not worked. It is not relaxing and it is just very fragrant, you know. And oddly, the smell reminds me of the potpourri in my mother's bathroom. I have spent many mornings in there, mulling over the day's homework and assignments as I completed my daily ablutions. Till date, I do a mental inventory of the day's tasks while I'm bathing. I don't think I even noticed the smell of the potpourri back then. That is the thing with smells, you know. For a while, you know that something is smelling different. But soon you get used to it and then you're immune to it. You only remember it when its gone and you get the same smell somewhere else. Then it brings back memories. That is what the dratted chamomile tea is doing to me. I am simply going to stop drinking it.

We bought a vacuum cleaner last weekend. All the dog hair strewn around was beginning to annoy me and HM suggested we do something about it. So we came back with the contraption and HM plugged it in after dinner. I was shocked. "You're gong to clean right now?" I asked him incredulously. He is never keen on tidying up and this was definitely an improvement. He nodded and continued to assemble the whole thing. Finally when he was ready, I asked him to start on the carpet first. He smiled benignly and walked towards H, the Labrador instead. Yes. He vacuum cleaned the dog. His explanation: If you get to the root cause of the problem, everything sorts itself out. I was worried that he will render H bald, but thankfully it didn't happen. The dust bag revealed quite a lot of dog hair and I suppose his idea worked to some extent. I just hope he doesn't do that to me. He often complains about my hair fall...

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