Saturday, 7 January 2012

Hair pin, U-pin and every other type of pin...

Essentially. It is my 'Word of the Week'. I've been using it all the time and in almost every sentence. Its making me sound like a profound person. Its amazing how much difference a single word can make to the things you say. So if you say "This is ESSENTIALLY a stupid thing to do" instead of "Its a stupid thing to do" it means you are a classy person inspite of the fact that both sentences mean the same thing. But the way you say it and the words you use are important too. And that is ESSENTIALLY where my logic steps in. My boss has a favourite word too. He uses 'basically' before every sentence. But I like my word more. Essentially. Like the essence of something. It can masquerade as a great insult too. Like if I say, "You are essentially an idiot", it means the person's essence itself is idiotic. What fun.

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