Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Two toned bugs...Shiny ones.

The 'No stressing over anything' rule that I have is working like a charm. Except, people now think of me as someone who just doesn't give a damn. I think they are finally getting the hang of what I actually am. This is good news, you know. After ages of being misunderstood as a sweet, talkative and caring person, I finally get to show my true colours and people finally know me for what I really am. I can't say how delighted I am. At peace, finally.

So, my mother calls me up to tell me that this person living in our building just died. Like, he just dropped dead of his own accord. He wasn't ill, he had no health problems and as far as my knowledge goes, he maintained a very healthy lifestyle. No meat, alcohol or smoking type of 'dutty habits'. His poor wife is so shocked, she can't even talk. And I'm thinking, how is this even possible? People just dying all of a sudden for no reason. Weird. Sad, yes. But weird. Then I'm thinking that maybe he's secretly glad that he just dropped dead suddenly. Anyone would prefer that to experiencing months of pain or a long drawn out illness that makes you spend months in the hospital with needles and stuff sticking out of you. And don't even get me started about old age. I'd rather die young. Maybe lucky people get to die young. A painless quick death. God must really love those people. Maybe he says something like, "Well, you seem to be doing a pretty good job out there. But the earth is such a shitty place for you to be. You know what? I'll just beam you up. Like, right now." and then he snaps his fingers and said person is instantly dead. No pain, no suffering. Lucky people ya... I'm so morbid. Damn.

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