Sunday, 22 January 2012

Time please?

I went to for a meeting with this lawyer yesterday and like always I was mildly distracted by all the books behind him. I stared at the bookshelf for quite some time and then diverted my attention to what he was saying. He was like, "...they all have their own agenda." I smiled. I like the word 'agenda'. It sounds nice. Agenda. A jhenda. A flag. Nice. I must have said that last word aloud because the lawyer and my boss stopped talking to look at me. The former looked amused. The latter, not so much. I pursed my lips and went back to staring at the bookshelf. I have no idea why my boss pays me.

Ever feel like a Sunday is actually not a Sunday, but a Monday in disguise? Thats how my last Sunday was. It was spent doing things that tired me out and I didn't even get a good night's sleep. Sundays are for rejuvenation, for God's sake! I am annoyed now. I want my Sunday back. I want to laze around, cook something nice, play with my dogs and bug my husband. Sigh.

HM is celebrating his birthday this week. I have no idea what to get him. That executive golf set I gave him for our anniversary is gathering dust. I hate it when my thoughtful gifts are seldom used and never appreciated.  I feel like punching the person. In this case, I'd gladly punch HM, but he is too tall for me and besides I'm married to him and I'm sure one of the vows I secretly took during our wedding ceremony was to never beat him up no matter what. I got to keep my vows, right? Anyway, I'm still clueless about what he might want. I've tried asking him and he says he doesn't want anything. Fine. You're not getting anything. But I have to give him something! Ideas, anyone?

I'd like to have this tea pot. It is super cute. Plus, it's pink! Aww....

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