Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Nutella is the single most amazing man made thing...

I am very desirous of learning the advanced and rather difficult art of ignoring people who are a part of my life, but are extremely meddlesome and annoying. They should have classes for these things, you know.
The other day, I was thinking about the sort of mental problems I suffer from. Paranoia, occasional delusions, selective amnesia, panic attacks and maybe schizophrenia too. I have all that and more. I am one mentally screwed up person. I'm not complaining though. I rather enjoy living like this. I was always against 'perfection' and all. I mean, why talk about something that is basically a myth to begin with? Nobody is perfect, nobody can be perfect. Someone or the other will always have a bone to pick with you. So, for starters, everyone should stop trying to be perfect. I never started in the first place. So I'm pretty much quite sorted that way. I am proud of it.

I looked up 'List of Virtues' on the internet. I don't know where I'd get most of my knowledge if it wasn't for the internet. Really. Anyway, the first virtue is Acceptance. And I was like, "Yes! I've already nailed that one."  I have accepted so many things which I should totally not have. Kudos to me! The second virtue was Accountability. I closed the browser window immediately. No point in making myself feel bad. I'm already way too stressed.

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