Friday, 13 January 2012

You! Yes, you. What're you looking at? Go fly a kite.

So its Sankrant weekend people! And since I now follow Maratha culture, courtesy my marriage to HM, I'd like to say, "Tilgul ghya, god god bola" to like, everyone. Loosely translated, it means, eat Tilgul and speak sweetly. Its an awesome thing to say. If only people could speak sweetly all year round and not just on Sankrant. Chodo yaar... If everyone decided to be sweet all the time, life would be so boring and my sarcasm would find no takers, which would be such a sad thing. I enjoy being mean at times and I also enjoy it when people are mean to me. My creative juices start flowing like never before and such brilliantly caustic statements are born, I can't tell you how exciting it all becomes.

A, my little sister is celebrating her 20th b'day next week. She wants a top and a pair of 'funky' shoes. I love spending on her. I still remember the time I got my first salary. I took her shopping and just made her pick stuff off random shelves. She enjoyed it so much! I cannot forget the look on her face. She went home, dumped the bags on her bed and told mom that we had shopped like idiots. A isn't just my sister. She is my baby. I was almost 7 when she was born and I remember every detail of her arrival. She was the most beautiful baby I'd ever seen. Even today, when I look at posters and photos with li'l babies on them, I tell myself, "Yeah, you kids are cute, but my sister was the cutest baby, ok. No competition". A was super sweet as a child. But unfortunately, she grew up and turned into the brat that she is today. I love her just the same though. So A, if you're ever going to read this, let me tell you that we're totally different people. I love reading, you don't. I love Indian music, you hate it. I am a chatterbox, you're the quiet one. I'm the bubbly extrovert, you're the shy introvert. But something binds us together nevertheless and we will never know what it is. And that is exactly why we know what we feel for each other inspite of being miles apart and never calling each other for months. We're siblings in denial. We fight, argue and I remember a rather memorable scuffle when you dug your nails into my arm and I'm still carrying the scar. I also remember that I was responsible for uprooting around ten odd strands of your hair during the same fight. Good times. We had laughed about it later and nursed each other after receiving a wonderful spanking from mom. I will always fight with you, because I can and more so, because I know we both enjoy it. I love you A and I always will. Oh, and the picture below is specially for you.

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