Friday, 17 February 2012

Dinkleberg...Who was he again?

Is it just me or does everyone remember random incidents and people from the past when they're least expecting it? It happens to me sometimes, when I'm lying in bed and trying to sleep. Memories come back in all their vivid glory and suddenly I remember something that had been sitting passively in the deep recesses of my mind, waiting for its moment. And when one memory arrives, the rest just follow as if they were all sitting in there holding hands and all of them had to come out together to be recalled. I can picture them sitting in a dark room and then the door creaks open and they're all like, "Hey, lets go out and sun ourselves a bit." I love it when something like this happens. I feel mildly amused at how much is stored inside my mind and how it can be summoned at a moment's notice. Like a very efficient filing system. I just have to think, Hmmm...summer after graduation, and every detail just pops out. Simply wonderful.

So, I finally finished a book. And no, it wasn't the Rushdie book, which I've mentioned in one of my earlier posts. I just gave up on that one. I'll try it later. Last evening I finished reading 'Madhouse: True stories of the Inmates of Hostel 4, IIT-B'. Super awesome book. The editors just asked all the batch mates to come together and pool in their memories. Some are amusing and some are downright outrageous. The best thing is that the stories are from the 'Inmates' themselves and in their very own words. Like one big group autobiography. I loved it. It has all these black and white pictures too. I got very nostalgic about my college days after I put down the book. I have quite some hilarious incidents to narrate. Maybe someday I will.

Baaki khabar mein toh, the in-laws are coming over for the weekend. MIL is bringing some chicken curry along. I am working on Saturday and will therefore be gone for most of the day. They are leaving on Sunday, so there won't be much to do. HM has a holiday on Monday while I don't. He works for a German MNC that knows zilch about Mahashivratri, but declared a holiday anyway. I work for a seasoned Gujrati businessman who knows zilch about anything else other than the fact that a holiday will be bad for business. Man, I love Indian businessmen. They really do know how to get their money's worth.

The 'why have you still kept your maiden name' question turned up at the vet's clinic yesterday. This was discussed in HM's absence, while he went to fetch an auto. H and P were listening attentively while the doc and I brainstormed over this dilemma. Apparently, she never had a chance to say or do anything about her maiden name after marriage. Her Father in law promptly got it changed without even asking her. I've still kept my maiden name for professional reasons. I'm not sure what HM thinks about it. We have never really discussed this issue.My MIL however wants to know why my business card is doing the rounds with my maiden name on it. She wanted to give it to one of her friends but dropped the idea when she saw the name on it. She even called at my office once and asked the operator to give it to Mrs. HM, but she was told that no such person worked here. That really cracked me up. Anyway, point is, I have no idea what to do with my name. I am on the fence about it. A part of me wants to change it and another part wants me to keep it the way it is. There is a tiny third part which says that I should do something like Phoebe did in Friends. She got her name changed to Princess Consuela Banana hammock. Hmm....

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