Thursday, 29 March 2012

Every end has a beginning. Just like every solution has a problem.

Some people tend to just breeze into your life out of nowhere and turn it upside down. I like such people. They walk out with equal ease and nothing ever feels the same again. I've had my share of such people. Maybe I've done the same to someone else's life. I hope I have...

All throughout my life, I've been taught to be ambitious and dream big. A friend, on the other hand, was always taught to be content with whatever came her way and to accept her destiny gracefully. She was never the ambitious sort. I was always dreaming of making it big and doing everything I could to be an achiever. Today, as I struggle to make peace with all the unexpected changes in my life, she is unperturbed with the changes in hers. It makes me wonder if I'm doing it all wrong because it definitely doesn't feel right. Its messing up my mind right now. Like a badly done sketch that just cannot be erased and redone. Exasperating.

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