Thursday, 1 September 2011

I should stop placing bets....

Following is a conversation between His Majesty and I. We had both climbed into bed after a rather long and tiring day. The lights had been switched off and everything was quiet. 
His Majesty: I think the balcony light is on...
I: No it's not.
His Majesty: Yes it is. Look (Pointing his finger at the balcony)
I: (sigh) Those are the neighbouring colony's street lamps baby....
His Majesty: So bright? No no. Its the balcony bulb. I'm telling you.
I: It's not.
His Majesty: Yes. It is.
I: Fine. Go and switch it off.
His majesty: You go na, please?
I: But I don't think it's on in the first place. Why should I go?
His Majesty: At least go and check?
I: (sigh) Fine. But you owe me 100 bucks if the light is on...
His Majesty: Ya ya...
I get up, lumber over to the balcony and find out that the light is switched off.
I: (climbing back in bed) See? I told you. It's switched off.
His Majesty: you owe me 100 bucks now.
I: ????
Now I know why I lose bets so often....

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