Friday, 23 September 2011

Who's Dulhan?

'Mere Brother ki Dulhan'. Why not call her 'Bhabhi' and be done with it? Its like calling my Mother-in-law, 'Mere Husband ki Maa'. Or calling my Chacha, 'Mere Father ka Bhai.'. What's the point? No wonder the movie isn't doing very well. Next time think of a comprehensive and intelligent title that makes sense. There is another movie called, 'Mujhse Fraandship Karoge?' Pray, tell me, who spells it that way? Which school did you go to? I really need to have a word with your English teacher. Or your producer who didn't learn his spellings either. For those who don't know, this movie is based on (hold your breath) Facebook! A bunch of good for nothing rich snotty kids try to fool their friends online by mixing up virtual identities. How very creative. Aparna Sen and Rituparno Ghosh, do you mind making some more movies please? 'Memories in March' and 'Raincoat' were brilliant. '15 Park Avenue' and 'Mr & Mrs. Iyer' were masterpieces. Maybe I'll approach a theatre only when 'Iti Mrinalini' releases...

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