Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Slutwalk? Really?

I'm not sure why Indian women took to the streets and organised a 'Besharmi morcha' on the lines of the famous 'Slutwalk'. I'm not anti feminist or something, but lets face it, Indian women are not wired that way. And if we were, we would have thought about the 'slut walk' first and not aped our western counterparts. After all, we have so many women related issues in our country. There's dowry death, female infanticide, rape, domestic violence, molestation, eve teasing and while I'm typing this list out, I'm sure there's a lot more happening out there that we still don't know of. So, the question remains, why didn't Indian women think about the 'Besharmi morcha' first? Because it's not who we are. Organising a slutwalk and participating in it does not display a woman's strength. Her strength lies in the fact that in spite of injustice and violation of her rights, she continues to rise through it all. Her strength lies in her tolerance, her patience and her perseverance and most of all, her tenacity. We ought to have organised a 'We don't need a slutwalk' morcha. Because we really don't. Our women are not so fickle and shallow so as to declare such things through a silly protest. And I'd really like to know how things have improved since the 'Besharmi Morcha'. Has there been any development in the current scenario? The answer to this important question would lead us to the second aspect of this silly social experiment. Indian men do not understand these subtle hints. We have seen plenty of wonderful films that deal with women and their rights and how women hate it when men treat them like shit. There's Mother India, Khoon Bhari Maang, Dor, Mirch Masala, Aakhir Kyon, Provoked, Lajja, Damini, 15 Park Avenue and the recent Saat Khoon Maaf. Men watch these films and walk away unaffected. Do you think a small protest is going to bring about a radical change in their temperament? You've got to be insanely positive or completely stupid to believe that it will work. Men will be men and that brings us to the third aspect of this topic. Are all men like this? Do they all believe in torturing  and harassing women in some way or the other? The answer is 'NO'. Not all men are like this. So why don't these men get together and start a 'Mard ko Badnaam Mat Karo' walk and compel the bad ones to start treating women the right way? That should work. So next time, lets hope the men do their bit. Afterall, its the man's duty to protect  his woman, right? 

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