Thursday, 5 April 2012

Knick Knacks....

Oh Dear! My Oxford educated English teacher at school used this all the time. If you were late in handing in an assignment, she was all, "Oh Dear". I think its such a classy and sophisticated way to express disappointment. Much better than 'Oh My God'. And since I have started using the F word so sparingly, I think it is time to reign in my tongue and start being a little more ladylike. Oh Dear.

If I could, I'd behave like Captain Jack Sparrow all the time. I think I can be quite eccentric if permitted. Part of me is just mad at the world because it doesn't let me be ME. Except that even I am a little wary of myself. I cannot imagine the weird things I'd do if I was allowed to be ME. It is safer to be a tuned down version of yourself and not let your inner demons and angels take over your fa├žade and destroy it, thus baring your true self for everyone to see. It wouldn't be the wisest thing to do. Oh Dear.

I have finally taken a liking to basic make-up. Blame it on the beauty blogs I frequent daily. I started doing it for fun, but now some products have really caught my fancy. Like the cheek tint for instance. And I discovered a great trick to make your eyes look brighter yet natural without using any make-up. Its called tight-lining. Wow. Look at me. I'm turning into a diva. Is that a good thing? I dunno.

I have never been a gadget freak or whatever those people are calling themselves lately. But I want the iPad oh so badly. I have no idea how to use it and HM tells me that the OS is not Windows and since I can't use even Windows properly, how the hell am I going to work on something that I've never used? I don't really care two hoots about all that technicality. I just want the iPad and then I'll figure out what to do with it. Just give it to me! Now! (stamps feet and throws tantrum) Oh Dear.

I want me some chocolate walnut fudge, a fizzy drink, a big bag of chips and all the episodes of HIMYM or Friends on my laptop (which is currently with my sis, who has reduced it to a useless piece of paraphernalia) I could live like that, you know. With nothing else. Maybe some fried chicken once in a while. I have an unhealthy obsession with fried chicken. If only life was so easy... (sighs and shakes her head)

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