Monday, 9 April 2012

We are all Alices in our Wonderlands....

Awesome rhymes with Possum. Just saying. I think possums are highly under rated animals. They are super cute and according to Wikipedia, they are carriers of bovine tuberculosis, which probably isn't a good thing, but its fascinating. We should totally import some in India and breed them like crazy. I want to see possums hanging from every tree. It would be an interesting sight. Anyway, speaking of under rated animals, The Meerkat, Otter and Platypus are just as awesome as the possum. I am going to talk about them to random people and generate interest. They should all get as popular as the Panda, which is one of the cuddliest things to have ever walked on earth. I mean, have you seen the Panda handle its babies? Its downright adorable!

After months of deliberation, I have finally gone ahead and coloured my hair a shade of deep copper red. How does it look? Pretty great actually. I really wanted to try this since a long time and a couple of grey hairs was the perfect excuse. I roped in my bai to do the needful. I cannot dream of spending 5000 bucks at a salon to do something that even my maid can do. Turns out, she did a pretty good job, except that she could not handle the brush thingie with her hands swathed in plastic gloves (which I forced her to wear despite her refusal) So she just scooped up the colour from the dish and plastered it all over my head. It was quite fast and in the end when she piled my hear up in a bun to let the colour kick in, it all seemed good. HM was hanging around and commenting on how the hair colour reminded him of an old muslim man's henna streaked beard. The bai and I were on a mission so we just ignored him. Half an hour later, when I had a bath and stepped out, I had a head full of beautiful red hair, except my scalp was the same colour too! I had a major panic attack because I have waist long hair that ends at the small of my back and I HAVE to tie it up in a ponytail, french braid or chopstick bun and sometimes the scalp near my hairline shows. I stayed calm because I didn't want HM to get a good laugh out of it. I rubbed some shampoo onto the visible scalp areas and washed it off. Thankfully, the colour faded off to quite an extent. The bai turned up later to examine her workmanship and said I looked pretty :) I'm just psyched to have saved a few thousand bucks. HM had no silly comments when he saw the end result. Mission accomplished!

I just spoke to my dogs over the phone. Is that a crazy thing to do? I mean, if its okay to talk to them in person, then it surely is fine if you spoke to them over the phone. HM who was holding the cell phone to their ears (Cannot expect them to do that themselves) said that P jumped up when she heard my voice and ran around the house looking for me. H, who is slightly more intelligent, rolled her eyes and heard every word intently and wagged her tail :)
Aren't my girls precious?

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