Saturday, 19 May 2012

Ba dum bum phishhhh.....

Do you ever have one of those days when all you want to do is sleep and never wake up again? I'm having such a day right now. I want nothing more than to curl up in bed with my blanket and my dogs and drift away to la la land. I did not want to wake up today and probably wouldn't have if HM had not yelled out my name loudly till I got myself out of bed. I almost sleep walked my way into the kitchen where HM had started brewing tea. I held out my arms to hug him and he handed me the strainer instead and asked me to WAKE UP NOW! He is really loud at times. So I would have totally made it back to bed but I had breakfast to make and lunch too so I got working. Then after I'd finished all the cooking, I worked out for around 45 minutes during which the maid came to do her daily chores and P the mongrel resumed her daily duty of supervising said maid. P likes to think of herself as some kind of watch dog. She enjoys watching over people. You could be asleep in your bed and when you wake up, you'll find her sitting quietly near you, just watching you sleep. Spooky and cute at the same time. So then I got ready for work because I work Saturdays while HM does not. HM drives me to work on Saturdays so he got ready too and then we reached my office and I dragged myself to my cube, from where I'm writing this post. Anyway, that is exactly what has happened until now. I have no idea how the rest of the day will go. I kinda get annoyed with uneventful days like these. Why can't everyday be new and exciting? And now that I've started sounding like a grown up version of Dora the Explorer, I gotta stop. NOW.

So something has happened at the Wankhede stadium involving his highness SRK and some security guys and his daughter was somewhere in there too. Its not exactly 'news', more like old news. I just read about it somewhere online because I'm probably the only idiot around here who never watches news channels. I don't even bother reading the daily newspaper, so its a miracle if some news manages to reach me. This one did though and I have no idea why people have made a big deal about it. Some kids were doing what they are basically meant to do. They were kidding around and who wouldn't, tell me? I'd go bonkers if I could watch all those cricketers in person. Now I don't really understand the game of cricket and I hate it, honestly speaking. But one does get caught up in the whole excitement of watching all those players in action, especially since I see most of them in ads and all so I know quite a few. So big deal if some kids tried to get on the ground after the match. There was no reason for the security to manhandle them. They are kids, for god's sake! All they had to do was smile sweetly and ask them to go back to the stands and they totally would have. Kids are pretty obedient that way. But these security guys apparently mistreated and pushed the little kids around and in stepped our knight in shining armour. I don't think SRK did the wrong thing and I definitely don't think he's stupid enough to go pick up his girl and her friends whilst drunk. So Mr. V. Deshmukh can basically stop the baseless defamation. And now that I've discussed this unimportant event on my blog, which is basically all about unimportant things, the press should get the gist and understand that this does not qualify as 'news'. People get into brawls all the time and with all the dancing and acting that SRK does to entertain us, we should just cut him some slack and let him be a normal human being for a change. I know he's a superstar and all that jazz, but he is human afterall.

Yeah right. Important people say something random and it becomes a 'quote' and people go around quoting them. The above quote is a great example. 


  1. this was so very beautifully penned :) I loved the quote, and the quote on ur header too. And definitely i too have days wen i simply want to sleep and never wake up. I guess, sometimes like all other necessities even dreaming is one.They make sense or not , is a different thing.
    :) keep writing..i will surely be back to read more!


    1. u should add a followers widget..or how do i follow u? :)

  2. @Sarah: Thank you for the kind words! Yes, dreaming is so important. I'm glad you stopped by. I enjoy reading your blog too!
    And like you said, I added the followers widget. You can now follow me :)