Friday, 18 May 2012

If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it....

I am not posting too frequently because I have no time to write. Actually I do have time but I'm investing it elsewhere for a change. Anyway, I felt like writing today so I came back. They don't call me Lost & Found for nothing. I keep doing the whole 'Houdini' thing to various people in my life. Activities are included too. Its like, now you see me, now you don't. I like to think that I'm magical that way. I spent all of last week catching up on work, some reading and lots of sleep. Thank you melatonin. I also watched Ishaqzaade. I wanted to stand and applaud at the end of the movie, but I had stupid teenagers surrounding me and they were giggling and chatting like a bunch of idiots instead of appreciating the movie. That annoys me. I was part of a film appreciation club in college and I get way too involved when I watch any movie. I like discussing it later but HM just gives his verdict and dismisses the movie as a Hit or a Flop. Anyway, Ishaqzaade made me miss my film appreciation club. All of us would have cried a little at the end of the film and would have definitely given it a standing ovation. The movie was brilliant. The ending should have been a little different and I'd have loved it even more if the two rebels had lived to tell the tale to their future generations. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the whole small town vibe and the fire brand youngsters portrayed by Arjun and Parineeti. And Amit Trivedi was there for the music, so that part was awesome as usual. He has rare talent that guy. He should work more. And speaking of music, we totally have to import Fuzon to India and keep them here. I want to give them their own radio channel and I want Shafqat Amanat Ali crooning on it 24/7. If I like someone slightly more than kailash Kher, it has to be this guy. Have you heard him sing Ankhon Ke Saagar? I died, went to heaven and came back within a span of those blissful few melodious minutes. I've been hearing them for a long time now and I miss my old mp3 player because I lost it and it had some rare songs from the band that I cannot find anywhere on the internet. If anyone has any of their songs or albums or anything, please just be an angel and give them to me. I shall be forever grateful.

My area does not have a municipality swimming pool. It is just such a sad thing. My old neighbourhood i.e. the one where I lived with my parents, had not one but two municipality pools and they were both Olympic sized. You could pay ten bucks, buy a ticket and swim for an hour. What more does one want in Summer? But this dratted new area is full of swanky buildings but no municipality swimming pool. And I don't want to waste money swimming at private pools when I can do so for ten bucks at an Olympic sized pool. I cannot tell you how disappointed I am. I used to swim every noon during Summer. How do you think I managed to stay thin? If anyone from the PMC is reading this, please give me an Olympic sized pool to swim in? pretty please?

I should print the above image and paste it all over my cube at work. If you're wondering why I work in a cube, let me tell you that my workspace is a cross between an actual cabin and a cubicle. I have a space that is large enough to qualify as a cabin, but no doors so its pretty much like an extra large cubicle. So I call it a cube. Sound so cool no? I have to have the above made it into a poster and hung in my cube instead of the current picture. Right now, I sit beneath a large framed photograph of the Chrysler Building, New York City. It is pretty awesome too, but the picture above will just make more sense when hung above my desk.

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