Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Et tu Brutus? Then fall Caesar...

Oh My God. Someone gave me the best-est compliment the other day. 'You're so funny'. I may forget to mention that the aforesaid statement was made with a deadpan expression. But who cares? I often turn blind when such delightful words fall on my ears. I thanked the concerned person for the wonderful compliment, as is the proper etiquette in such a situation, but that seemed to make the person's face turn a deep shade of umm...what was that colour? You know, the one when you really want to punch someone in the face and you just cannot? That exact same colour. It was a wonderful, colourful day. Really.

My hair colour experiment which initially looked like it had worked, has actually not. HM is calling me 'Orange Aunty' and when I step out in the sun, my head looks like it has caught fire. Not cool. I am going out to buy myself a chocolate brown shade and I will rope in my maid  to do the honours once again. Wish me luck. I really do not want to look like Lady Gaga met Katy Perry and decided to get creative with my hair.

How ironic is this exactly? You take melatonin to help you sleep and it gives you extremely vivid and freakish nightmares. No, really. Melatonin has been known to cause bizarre nightmares as a side effect. So bizarre, that you'd prefer sleepless nights than having to watch an all night horror show that will scar you and leave you disturbed for a very long time. I saw one just last night and it was the worst nightmare I've ever had. Now I don't know what's worse, sleepless nights or horrendous nightmares. Oh God, why?

I think I might have forgotten to brush my teeth today. Do not judge me. I am not an unhygienic pig. I am just another working woman who happens to be married and has two wonderful dogs, one of which threw up before I woke up this morning and HM cannot be expected to clean up the dog puke AND take the dogs for a walk. So while he took them out, I cleaned the puke. And obviously, I had to make breakfast and get HM ready for work so I got caught up with all that and completely forgot to brush my teeth. I did bathe, so I guess atleast that part of daily hygiene was taken care of.


  1. Loved reading this - brought cheer and a smile

  2. @Vikramji: I'm so glad you liked it!