Thursday, 10 May 2012

Title that is completely unrelated to the post...

How would you react if I called you an idiot? Would you scowl at me or would you smile? I would smile. I love the word 'Idiot'. And if you say it cutely enough, it actually sounds like something lovey dovey couples could call each other. It could replace vomit inducing endearments like 'baby', 'munchkin', 'sweetie' or 'muffin'. You could actually ask your significant other at the end of a day, "How's my idiot today?" and maybe accompany the sweet query with a little pat on the cheek. Try it. It could become a thing. And if it does, puhleez do not forget to give credit where it is due. Here.

Don't you just hate it when people speak potentially fatal English? I know someone who can literally make your ears bleed and eventually kill you with her language skills. I cannot bear to speak with her lately and I don't blame you for judging me. I do not endorse the view that everyone should speak perfect English. We have sweeter languages in India and some words are so much better when said in the local language. For example, 'Gadhadya! Doka shen khayla gelay ka? Hey ganit kaa chukavlas?' cannot be expressed in English no matter how hard you try. For those who don't understand Marathi, let me translate the above in exact words. It means, 'Donkey! Has your head gone to eat dung? Why is all your maths wrong?'. It doesn't sound too appealing in English, does it? But in Marathi, it is an absolute delight to hear and say. I've had both experiences. For the record, Marathi isn't my mother tongue. It is my father and husband tongue, if there is such a thing. We really should have those details in school forms and stuff. I mean, with all the wonderful languages we have here, how can you know just one? Your mom could be speaking a language different than what your father does and maybe your aunt decided to marry someone who speaks a third language and you'll pick that up too!  I'm sure the English speaking countries don't have so much fun. And now, back to the topic. Aforementioned person with the terrible English actually manages to speak decent Marathi and Hindi. Both beautiful languages and commonly spoken. But she will stick to her crappy English and try to show off. I want her to perfect her Marathi first. It is her mother tongue and I speak it better than she does. What a shame. I really do hope we show off our local languages more. I love English, but I'm not English!

I bought the book 'Confessions of a Serial Dieter' by Kalli Purie. And though I'm not grossly overweight, obese or even fat, I can understand how it feels when you try to lose those 'few' kilos that have piled up. I put on a little weight after I got married, but since I was skinny earlier, it wasn't too much of a problem until I stepped on the weighing scale and saw how much weight I had gained. Six whole kilos. I knew that if I didn't do something about it right away, I would become obese really fast since I love food. I can eat quite a lot without actually realising it. Kalli's book is witty and I can relate to it. Enough reason for me to actually emulate her. She writes about how exercise can seem hard and painful at first but how one really needs to push oneself to achieve weight loss inspite of all the pain. I am exactly at that stage right now. I have cut down on junk food and have started eating less and feeling full. But the exercising bit is a little difficult for me. I have decided to push myself really hard from now on. I really hope I can do it. Kalli talks about how even 4 suryanamaskars were difficult to do and how she managed to do 200 after consistent effort. She lost 40 kilos eventually. I just have to lose six! I am going to do this.

Wow. I wonder how those would taste. But first I should really think if I have any enemies. It will require a lot of deliberation based on a lot of factors. Excuse me while I go mull over this one...
And if you are wondering why I've titled my post this way, go through any of my older posts. You will find that unrelated titles are a 'thing' here. I enjoy doing it. 


  1. Great post and I have to mention . I LOVED THE PIC!

  2. @Aravind: Thankyou for dropping by! The pic is hilarious. It never fails to crack me up!