Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Pardon my french....

Some sort of 'baby boom' is at work here. Every other woman is pregnant or has delivered a baby and I am getting seriously worried about the population of India. I am a very responsible citizen and such things make me anxious. I then tend to sit and ponder about it. I don't understand if I should be happy for the expectant couples or concerned about the future of India. I like to think of India as a production unit. When it was all new and swanky, it produced the best people ever. Then over the years, things slowly started deteriorating. The last satisfactory batch was probably the one when our grandparents were manufactured. Every single batch after that one was produced with the most interesting variety of defects ever. My batch apparently was the one with the most grey shades. Atleast I can speak for myself. I absolutely lack the ability to tell black from white. All I know is grey and I know every possible shade ever seen. It is brilliant. Anyway, at this rate, the forthcoming batches will probably be like the spawn of the devil. It is not a very pretty picture in my head. I want to get rid of the image so badly, I want to go dunk my head in a big barrel of water or something. Excuse me, okay?

Some guy in China has so much 'Chi' in his system, his skin is as tough as steel. Even an electric drill doesn't go through it. I was like, Wow. This is awesome. I don't really mind electric drills and stuff but if this 'chi' can stop crap from entering my mind, it will be totally worth it. I would ask everyone to go to China and get some 'chi' from all the awesome folks out there. We all need 'crap free' minds so badly.

Awareness is sometimes not the best thing ever. And I am not talking about social awareness or something. I am talking about being aware of yourself and your feelings and stuff like that. Sometimes it is best to not be aware of various emotions that I feel may hamper your life in more ways than one. Love, for example, is one such thing that could screw your life up so badly, the damage is almost unlikely to be undone. And even if you were one tough cookie, it could still scar you for life. Detachment from oneself is the best thing. People feel the need to detach themselves from the outer world to gain inner peace. I say, cut the bullshit. You cannot be in the world and not be a part of it. Rather, detach the part of yourself that attaches you to the outer world. No outer world stuff will ever affect you again. And when it stops affecting you, life will stop feeling like one big mess. Man, do I love preaching!

This one is too sweet for words. 


  1. :-) I know what you're saying. There was a baby boom in my hospital too. Almost all the lady professors were pregnant. It WAS a worrying sight.


  2. @Abhyudaya: You're a medical student! Wow. I'm sure you're going to see more disturbing sights. But there's something about men acting weird around expectant mothers. I just don't understand it...