Thursday, 24 May 2012

Donkeys are not stupid...

Cuts can be nasty. I got one recently and it bled all over the floor. It was just my index finger but man, does my body have tons of blood or what. It was crazy. In my defence, I don't enjoy watching blood flow out of myself or something. I was just waiting for HM to come home from the drug store and I was feeling too queasy to even touch the cut, let alone clean and bandage it. HM got back with a litre of Dettol, ear swabs and corn caps. I did not know what to do with him. I agree that I had a mini panic attack when I cut myself and I literally shoved HM out of the door and asked him to get me a bandage pronto. But he came back with all those things and I was dumbstruck. Anyway, I had a lot of cotton at home and I danced around as HM tried to hold me still and clean the cut with Dettol. It stung and all, obviously, so I bawled like a baby and even skipped dinner. The cut was still oozing blood so HM asked me to clamp it shut with a bit of cotton, which did the trick. But then the cotton got stuck to the wound. I managed to pry it out and that included a lot of wincing and HM just kept out of it. I then stuck one of his corn caps on it and went to bed. Now two days later, I went to the doctor to get a tetanus shot and she tells me that the cut is infected and she scolded me and all and asked me if I wanted to lose my finger. I said, Hell No! So she gave me tablets and I'm going to eat them and save my index finger. Pray for my finger okay?

So I went street shopping to celebrate the fact that I survived a tetanus injection without even a bit of wincing or squirming. I took the shot all straight faced like I was a pro at taking intravenous drugs or something. I am proud. This is a great achievement for me people! Maybe now is a good time to get a tattoo. Anyhoo, I bought a white maxi and a satchel for less than 500 bucks! I love street shopping. Totally awesome way of saving money. KP rocks. 

Do you know if I owe you something? If I do, just tell me and lets settle the whole thing once and for all. And don't be nice to me first and then tell me that I owe you one. I will decide whether I owe you or not. Or atleast lets decide it mutually. I don't like it when you just decide that I owe you and then you go around telling people that I owe you. I owe you nothing you brat. In fact, YOU owe Me an apology. Say you're sorry and for good measure, also say that I no longer owe you anything. That will be all. Thank you.

I remember my friend N always went to some random restaurant and came back raving about it and when we decided to try it out, it always turned out to be a lousy experience. Poor N. We'd always blame her for the bad food, bad ambience and bad service and she would always defend herself by saying that it was all perfect when SHE came there alone so maybe we were the problem. It would have been okay if it just happened once or twice. But No. N was always wrong about every new restaurant she tried. Then came the day when our umpteenth attempt at liking a restaurant picked by N, failed miserably. I think we almost got food poisoning there. We then told N bluntly that she totally lacked the ability to tell good from bad. In case of food that is. What our friends chose to do in their personal lives was never our concern. We were always the 'You-can-screw-up-all-you-like-but-we'll-still-be-there' kind of close knit gang. But if your poor choices started affecting our digestion, it got weird as hell. We were in the phase where you tend to think from your stomach and not from your heart or mind. There were days when a particularly nasty mood could be fixed by a bowl of sundae and a bar of chocolate could turn foes into friends. And no, we weren't 10. We were around 23 years old. Anyway, point is, I miss all that now. I really want to ask N to pick a restaurant and I want to go there and for once tell her that she made the right choice. N is leaving town next month to get married to her long time boyfriend/fiancĂ©. This one is for you N. May you always continue to pick bad restaurants. You're good at picking the right people and that's what matters.


  1. @Abhyudaya: Tell me about it! I'm still trying to type without using that finger but end up hitting it hard on the keyboard out of habit. 'Ouch' really is the word.

  2. Hi Lost and Found,
    Loved reading this.
    Moral of the Story: "Those who pick bad restaurants pick good people" - corollary - those who pick good restaurants pick "bad" people.
    (Maybe they focus too much on food)
    I wish you had given us this gem of wisdom long back...!!!)
    Must check this out!
    Keep Writing.

  3. @Vikramji: I realised it very recently! Life teaches so much and like the zen monks say, everything is revealed when the time is right... Maybe this is one of those times :)
    Thank you for your kind words. Keep visiting!