Friday, 25 May 2012

Sugar & spice is not that nice...

OMG! Gloria Pritchett is having a baby! How awesome is that? Hundred bucks say, she will hand over the baby to Mitchell and Cameron. And if you do not watch Modern Family as religiously as I do, the above sentence is just a bunch of gibberish for you. Don't bother, really. Just watch Modern family online if you can. Right from the pilot episode to the 3rd Season Finale that aired last Wednesday. If you don't like it, you can come back here and change my name for me. You can call me anything you want. Except that you don't really know my name so it won't make much of a difference. But point is, I am yet to meet a sane person who doesn't like watching Modern Family. I think we Indians could match up with our own uniquely dysfunctional yet lovable families. Modern 'Indian' Family anyone? I'm going to get working on a script. My own family can provide enough fodder to last for ten seasons atleast. I don't know if I should be proud or worried (shrugs and walks away)

Sometimes so many things are wrong with your life, you know that you can do nothing to change any of it anymore. That's a great phase. Everyone should go through it. But some of us actually have perfect lives, so those of you who do, can stop reading this and go back to doing your perfect stuff and living your awesome lives. The rest of you, stay right here. The least you can do is support a fellow human being with a far from perfect life. Anyway, I was talking about the time when you actually start realising that just about everything is wrong. This moment of truth will be followed by a week or two, and in my case, a day or two of extreme stress and constant worrying. You will keep enumerating the things that have gone wrong and you will also keep trying to squirm your way out and make a run for it while you can. You see, humans are intrinsically optimistic people and right before the ship sinks, we all feel like we will somehow get the chance to get into a life boat or strap on a life jacket and save ourselves. It is quite natural. But after a week, you will have another moment of truth, wherein you will be blessed with the realisation that you are one big hot mess and you can no longer salvage the remnants of your life and build something perfect with it. This will be followed by a day, and in my case, a few hours of bawling like a baby. This is natural too. You got to grieve when you lose something and when you lose your own life at a young age, you're going to feel regret and despair and in some cases, if you don't have the ability to pull yourself together, you will actually suffer from chronic depression which is a scary thing. You don't want to go that way, believe me. So after the bawling, you will start the natural healing process. You will tell yourself that life is what it is and such other philosophical things. You will count your lemons and try really hard to squeeze some juice and conjure up some lemonade. Only, it will not be so easy. You will go through a brilliant experience and finally learn to live with the mess that is now your life, for a good 50 odd years or so. That is when you know that you probably did not do what you were ideally supposed to do with your life, but you like it anyway. And that, my friends, is when you become a perfect person (Bows to the applause)


  1. I too love watching Modern Family and omg, gloria pritchett is pregnant? lol, what follows will be hilarious to watch :)
    And it's never too late to rig in some hope in life :)

  2. @Neha: A fellow fan! Am I glad to meet you! They don't air latest seasons here. I watched the season finale online. I ador Gloria.
    and I guess we are all eternally hopeful people irrespective of what we say :)