Friday, 11 November 2011

The advent of 'Senile'

'Senile'. Funny word, I tell you. I'd actually never heard it before and I pride myself on being a brilliant person with way above average vocabulary. His Majesty is always using the word. Senile. The first time he used it, I thought it was a synonym for imbecile. Turns out, I was wrong. It means relating to or characteristic of old age. And FYI, MS Word does not have synonyms for it. I checked.

HM is always telling me, 'Check with a senile person.' or 'Ask a senile person about how to behave'. Yes, he has major problems with my behaviour sometimes. So do I. Me thinks, every married couple discovers irritating things about each other and use that knowledge to irk their better halves. Its like a competition. Lets see who discovers more faults in the other. Then we'll talk.

Crazy, I tell you. Marriage is so not easy. And I bet my right arm, everyone thinks the same. But it is fun though and you only think of it as 'fun' when you're like, 70 and you have sons and daughters and grand kids at your beck and call. Then you begin to think that getting married wasn't such a bad idea afterall. Look at the wonderful  brood we've produced. Crazy. But that only happens if your wonderful brood hasn't shipped you off to an old age home when you become 'senile'. Pray people, pray. It could happen to anyone. Then you'll just start thinking of life as a whole lot of wasted time. And that would just be so sad. Like it suddenly dawned on you what a big mistake you made by simply being born and it's way too late to do something about it now. I'd like to call it a major 'Ooops' moment. 

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