Friday, 11 November 2011


Headlightless.Yes, that is a word I invented. Maybe it does exist because MS Word is not drawing squiggly red lines below it. Maybe the spell check isn't working. Who cares? that's not the point.

I've been driving in the dark without a headlight for the past two days. It's kinda scary in a way. Like I can't stop imagining what it would feel like if a speeding bugger driving some sort of posh vehicle mows me down. But he will spot me because HE has his headlights on na? Silly me. But you get the drift right? I've been driving back home from work with such kind of morbid thoughts.

Also I'm restricted to driving at the edge of the road to avoid being part of the traffic/onslaught of idiots on wheels. I can't see potholes and that's really bad. But my prime concern is not the fact that I'm unable to see things. I'm more worried because people probably can't see me. And in a city where I often yell "Abey aankhen hain ya button?' at fellow commuters even in broad daylight, I'm certainly apprehensive about what they might see or not see at night. I'm currently relying on the headlights of other vehicles to navigate my way back home. HM has asked me to get the headlight fixed but I don't like going to the garage. I invariably manage to get some grease on my clothes or face and it's annoying. I also dislike the smell of motor oil or whatever they're calling it these days.

Also, have I mentioned what I'm currently driving? It's a first edition Scooty. Don't get too excited and google it. By first edition, I mean that it's probably part of the very first batch of Scootys that was produced by TVS. Now my sister tells me TVS has been taken over by Mahindra. What shit? I don't follow such things.

Anyway, it's over 15 years old and it still manages to run pretty well. Old is Gold. Hahahahaha! What did you expect me to drive anyway? I'm a regular person whose only concern is to get to office and come back home in time. I'm not John Abraham. Even a horse shall serve my purpose. On second thoughts, commuting on a horse would be fun na? Tugduk tugduk all the way to work. How classy. Plus my horse wouldn't need headlights. Must ask HM for a horse now...

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