Monday, 14 November 2011

Udd jaa Kaale kaawa....HA!

Lately, I feel like going around with a li'l notebook and pen. How else am I going to record all the wonderful thoughts that flit in and out of my head at an alarming rate? Some of them are so damn good, I actually mourn the loss when I can't remember them anymore no matter how hard I try. Like the other day I was taking a walk and thinking so many nice things, some very intelligent thoughts, some silly, funny ones and I had nothing, nowhere to keep them, to preserve them. I felt oddly saddened by it all. Like my mind was conjuring up such brilliant things but was incompetent enough to not save them. An hour later when I reached home I couldn't remember a single thought. Frustrating, I tell ya.

It's funny how every bad memory gets bottled up so well and all the good ones choose to leave. Me thinks, I need a pensieve, like Dumbledore had in the Harry Potter books. I could bottle up my best thoughts and memories. Relive them later. What fun.

Baaki khabar mein toh, HM has flown to Delhi today. He's coming back tomorrow, which means I have one whole day to chill out. Am I glad or what! It's nice to be left alone once in a while. It helps me keep my sanity.

Also made a trip to my folks' house y'day. Felt good to eat hot yummy food served to me with so much love and a sprinkling of fake anger. Mothers, I tell ya. Totally awesome people. Only for their own kids though.
Hungry. Must. Eat. Now.

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