Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Of love handles and muffin tops...

I won't call myself 'fat' coz I ain't. No seriously, I am not overweight. But I have put on more weight than what I would allow myself to. So while the world scoffs at my attempts to diet and exercise, I do my best to stick to my so called weight loss regime. Why do they scoff at me? Because they think I look perfectly acceptable for a married working woman. Which means that married women are allowed to get fat and if they don't, it's certainly not acceptable. In fact it means you're in an unhappy marriage and are so miserable that you have lost appetite. Hence, the slim body, or 'bag of bones' as Chachis, Maasis and Maamis will call you. I don't mind it. In fact, now that they are done commenting on my slight weight gain after the wedding, and feeling ecstatic about the state of my married life, I'd like to lose some weight and give them something different to talk about. They have been chiding me playfully with comments like, 'Dekho kitni khush lag rahi hai? Pet nikal aaya hai, gaal nikal aaye hain! Bohot badhiya...' while I cringe at the not so subtle remarks about my muffin top and my round pink cheeks that look like I perpetually have a candy stuck in my mouth. I will do whatever it takes to lose those wretched 7 kilos that are currently giving me sleepless nights. I have resolved to give up food, if that's what it takes. But I will become my old self again. Muhahahhahha!

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