Friday, 11 November 2011

Top ten things I say ever so often

1. Haye haye (with the typical accent of an old gujju woman who gossips a lot)

2. This is crazy man!

3. Falaana falaana...(used in place of 'et cetera")

4. What the hell is this? (Said frequently at work when presented with a badly drafted legal document)

5. Ooji booji...Howsh mah baby gal? (Used daily when greeted by my two dogs...errr, bitches)

6. What do you want to eat? (A question I ask HM daily.)

7. Abey aadmi hai ya pyjama? (Addressed to my office boys)

8. Arrey kya karoon iska? (Addressed to the stack of papers which I find mysteriously piled on my desk         everyday)

9. Goddamn (Used very very often)

10. I'm so bored, I could die (Used daily at around 4.30 pm at work)


  1. I use #5 all the time. With random strangers.

  2. :)I'd say, "Oley buboolee Cho chweet of you to ask" I'd also tweak your nose...