Thursday, 10 November 2011

My first love...

So, I just found this blogger online who calls himself Kroswami and is absolutely brilliant at what he does.
I just can't get over how superbly awesome he is and how supremely imaginative he can be. Almost reminds me of how I was before I fell into a rut. The 'rut' can be loosely translated into 'routine, boring job, marriage, living in Pune' etc...
Yes. I hate living in Pune. Mumbai beckons like crazy and there's no way I can go. As of now atleast. Mumbai is, was and will always be my first love. And like every good long term filmy sort of relationship, it started with hatred. I hated Mumbai at first. True, I'd been frequenting the city almost every month since childhood, but I never grew to like it. It was my first year of law school when Daddy Dearest, who was living in Mumbai, coaxed me into trying out an internship there. Except he didn't help me get one. I wallowed in self pity for two days and took a bath atleast thrice a day to battle the summer heat, all the while muttering curses under my breath for this dirty, sweaty, murky city. On day three, I took a local to V.T. all the way from Mulund and walked my way to the High Court. And suddenly out of nowhere, I fell head over heels in love. Oh, the wonderful adrenaline rush. I've never felt that way again, except for when I met His Majesty, but let's not get into that right now. Love had happened and there was no looking back after that. I wanted to spend all my life  in Mumbai, with Mumbai. The frantic speed of life, the pigeons, the local trains, the dockyards, the fish markets, the slums, the suburbs, just about everything appealed to me. I finally completed my legal education and got a job in Mumbai. Our long term love affair had started. I'd moved in with my love and I couldn't be happier. Sadly it ended eight months later when I met His Majesty and decided to move back to Pune to be with him. Mumbai must have felt cheated. I left her for a man I probably loved more. Her heart must have broken, or so I'd like to imagine. My heart did break though. Even today, when I visit her, it's like being with an old dear friend. I have beautiful memories of my relationship with Mumbai. And everytime I leave, I promise her, maybe another life sweetheart, but I will come back to you.

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