Thursday, 10 November 2011


So, its one of those days when I feel like a four year old on a sugar rush who's been tied to a post. Squirming and screaming to be let loose. So that he can run around in circles with his arms spread wide for a long long time and then collapse on a heap of dried leaves. Dusty dried leaves that have been raked up in a corner of the football field. We had so many of those leaves in school.

I never really got a chance to fall into them. I was worried my uniform would get soiled with all the dust and the class teacher (evil woman) would make me stand outside class to exhibit my dirty clothes to everyone who walked past the class.

Its funny how teachers and other elements in school actually work constructively to cultivate shame in an individual. Something that is so negative is inculcated so thoroughly. They teach you how to hang your head in shame, how to cry hot tears of shameful anger and clench your fists till the nails dig deep in your palm. they teach you all these things in school when you really should be learning to be free spirited, honest and generous. They teach you to 'have some shame' instead. Rabid Imbeciles.Biting every passing batch of young minds and making them imbeciles too. Too bad.
My kids are so not going to school.

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