Thursday, 17 November 2011

This and That...

MIL is a wonderful chatty person. She has the rare ability to talk nineteen to a dozen. So did I, before I was introduced to the 'Talk only when necessary and preferably never' style of communication that is so strongly endorsed by His Majesty. I wonder why his mom never passed on the verbal communication gene to him. This also goes to show how parents never pass on their best qualities to their progeny. I did not inherit my ma's delicate features or my pa's ready wit. Instead I got ma's short temper and pa's bad eyesight. It's just unfair.

Olfactory. The sense of smell. It bothers me that it has such a stupid name. I mean, olfactory? It sounds like some Old Factory where smells go to get processed. I like smells. My olfactory sense is somehow linked to my memory. I may not remember sights and sounds, but I never forget smells. I still vividly remember the way my ma's ancestral home in Udaipur smelt. Especially the store room. It was a wonderful aroma that combined the sweet smell of Biscuits and Basmati rice with the slightly pungent odour of spices and the like. There was some cane in there too and its woody fragrance contributed to the whole bouquet. Naani's bedroom smelt great too. Of roses and fresh ghee that was used to burn a diya for her 'Bhagwanji' Of sandalwood and incense and Afghan Snow. Naani used only one brand of cream all her life. If I close my eyes and breathe deeply, I think I can still smell all that. Weird, I know. But it's true. You wouldn't know...

I am now the proud owner of a beautiful pair of Swarovski crystal earrings, courtesy His Majesty. He'd gone to Delhi, remember? This is what he got me. I'm flaunting them at work today and getting a lot of compliments too. There's something about jewellery that makes a woman smile. And though my style in terms of accessories is minimalist and practical, I love myself some 'bling' occasionally. And yes, whatever they say about diamonds being a girl's best friend is completely untrue. I hate diamonds. Especially the rock sized ones that the celebs wear as engagement rings. You could pelt someone with those. Reminds me of this silly ad they show in Multiplexes before the movie begins. A couple is driving in a car and the guy asks the girl to open the glove compartment. There's a ring in there with a humongous diamond and she slips it on and hugs the guy, which distracts him. The car loses balance and falls into a river. The couple is stuck inside the car with the windows rolled shut, when the girl gets the brilliant idea of cutting the glass with her diamond ring. She does exactly that and the couple swim out unharmed. It's not even funny. I tried cutting a thin sheet of glass with my diamond nose pin. It did not work. Advertising is the art of fooling everyone. And the aforementioned ad wasn't even for diamonds. Something about knowledge or something. I never got that bit.

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