Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Vanity is a sin, or is it?

Fashion blogs. fashion magazines. Who wore what, carried which bag and paired it with which shoes. Really, people make a living out of commenting on other people's clothes. It doesn't go down too well with me. I mean, isn't it enough that people are wearing clothes in the first place? If everyone decided to go nude one day, THAT would be news. Not the fact that a certain actress wore Elie Saab with Ferragamo heels and carried a Bottega Venetta knot with it. I couldn't care less if she was dressed in a jute sack. These fashion critics are everywhere, though. Just waiting to see what celebs are wearing or rather 'Who' they're wearing. I've seen red carpet paparazzi yell loudly at celebs, "Who are you wearing?" Weird. But they get answers alright. Something like Bibhu Mohapatra or Marchesa or maybe Matthew Williamson, Miu Miu, Prada or Vintage Chanel. God.
My fashion sense is limited to what feels comfortable and therefore I never understand why all these designers make all these expensive clothes and why celebs think it's a good investment. They probably think wearing a good designer will make them look good. But what about the yesteryears? Are you trying to tell me that people wore ugly clothes before the advent of the great designer clan? We had local darzis who did a good job of making basic clothes that fit you and showed you for what you are instead of making you look like an angel in vintage Ungaro lace which you are so not! Get real people!

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