Friday, 25 November 2011

Patience. I need patience. Now! Now! Now!

When I was in third grade, we had a new girl in class. Her name was Regina. She was kinda weird. She never spoke to anyone, had her lunch all alone and was seated last in class because of her tall lanky frame. I liked her a lot though. Maybe I was going through my own 'befriend weirdos' phase. Anyway, Regina did everything possible to resist my advances, if you know what I mean. I literally stalked her all day, requested the teacher to let me sit next to her in class and offered to share my lunch with her. But she was just not interested. Not in me, not in anyone else. She was a loner, I guess. She needed her space and I was hell bent on invading it. She finally got pissed one day and when I approached her, she pulled hard at my long pigtails. I yelled out in pain but I didn't tattle to the teacher about it. After that, every time I went near Regina, she pulled my hair. Every. Single. Time. A month later, I'd had enough. So I asked my ma to take me to the salon for a haircut. My long luxurious hair was replaced by a short crop. I went to school with my new hairdo and plunked myself next to Regina. She smiled. I'd never seen her smile before. Today, when I go all rigid and refuse to understand people, I think about Regina and what I did for her. Just a subtle reminder that I was a better person as a child and that I should never let go of the child in me.

My war with cellulite is not yielding any results. I write this as I sit before a plate of cut fruit. The apple has turned brown and looks unappetising. I'm craving some pani puri and mentally calculating the amount of calories it will add to my system. I am contemplating on whether I should start smoking or turn to bulimia like those ramp models. Anything that will make me lose those wretched 7 kilos that have made my pretty and formerly thin body their home. UGHHHH!

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