Friday, 11 November 2011

Say na say na...

Conversation No.1

HM: Hello? (He has seen my number flash on his insanely expensive cell phone but still)
Me: Hi!
HM: hmm
Me: How's it going?
HM: I'm having lunch...
Me: Oh. Okay! See you in the evening then (Who else am I going to see? But still)
HM: Ya. Bye.

Conversation No.2

HM: Hello? (C'mon man! Its your wife! can't you read cell phone screens?)
Me: Hi!
HM: Hmm
Me: What you doing?
HM: I'm at office (Where else would you be baba?)
Me: I know. What you doing?
HM: I'm working (Of course. why else would you go to office?)
Me: Ok....
HM: Yeah. Tell me.
Me: Nothing. I just called to hear your voice.
HM: Hmm
Me: (giggle giggle) Are you busy?
HM: I'm working.
Me. Yeah okay. I'll see you in the evening.
HM: Yeah. Bye.

I have nothing better to do at work than to call HM and bug him with silly questions.
I know he totally gets my need or urge or whatever you may call it, to hear his voice in the middle of a particularly boring day. Maybe he secretly knows that he cheers me up with his 'hmm' and 'I'm working'. He's a regular guy. Imperfect, unromantic and slightly, no actually very boring. He's exactly my opposite. Chalk and Cheese, if you ask me. Man, do I love him! :)

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