Monday, 12 December 2011

The caterpillar got accidentally locked in his own cocoon...

Its one of those rare days when I have nothing intelligent to say. Actually, its not that rare an occasion. It does happen quite often. And whenever it does, I have a lot of fun saying random idiotic things that shock people. I've been told that I have a weird sense of humour and people don't 'get' my jokes most of the times. I couldn't care less. I am amused at all the crazy stuff that my brain conjures up. Its as if my brain is this wonderful laid back chap from Goa who has a cashew farm and mango orchard. Who drinks Feni in the evenings and has a banana boat on the beach. Lets call him Pascal. So Pascal is this Rascal who is all quiet and observant most of the time. He chuckles quietly at all the oddities happening around and does not bother enough to pass a remark or do anything about anything at all. Then one day he goes to the beach and enters one of those cool shacks and starts cracking super awesome crazy type jokes. Some people get it, others don't. But Pascal is enjoying his day out. Then when he's run out of silly things to say, he drinks the last of his Feni and goes back home to eat some fried fish and take his dogs for a walk. Awesome guy that Pascal is. I'm super glad he lives inside my head.

HM was so sweet to me yesterday. He bought me a huge Swiss chocolate cake. Yummy ekdum. I ate the icing first. We finished half the cake. The other half is in my fridge and I'm day dreaming about it. I day dream about food quite often. Y'day it was Chilly Chicken and I told HM how I was craving it. He sarcastically asked me if I'd been born in China. So according to HM, you have to be a Chinese to crave Chilli Chicken. But I was born in India. Udaipur, to be more precise. So I can only crave Dal-Baati, Choorma, Laal maas and Mirchi ke pakode. What ya? Atleast food should be left alone. I don't want my favourite dishes to be dragged into politics and to be pushed across borders and stupid stuff like that. I like my Pastas and my Risottos as much as I like Kekda Bhajji and Pindi Chhole. Now I want to be left alone in a room full of my favourite stuff. I will eat and eat and then eat some more. My day time dreams are the best, I tell ya.

I have decided to wear nerdy glasses at work to look serious and professional. They are doing the trick. My clients look intimidated and take all my rubbish legal advice very seriously. Jokes apart, I want it to be taken seriously as opposed to the advice given by some 'senior' lawyers who know nothing but act as if they are experts on everything. Believe me, I've seen some pretty messed up lawyers out there who will claim to have 20 years of experience but will not know how to draft a simple Leave and License Agreement. Me? I've got 2 years of experience in changing jobs frequently. This is my Fifth one. You can guess how much I've learnt. I don't need to brag. And now I'll sign off with my Ma's words of wisdom, "Bhagwan hi jaane iska kya hoga..."

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