Friday, 9 December 2011

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I am totally going to ace that exam. Which one? The one for my Master's Degree silly. Yup, the same one that I haven't studied for and is just four days away. Who has the time to study? I have a job, A husband, two dogs and a house to keep and to top it off, I have issues. No, not the 'Issues' that are born post wedlock. Those are still ok. I have bigger, scarier issues and I shall refrain from discussing them because I don't want to scare everyone, do I? Nothing serious though, but serious enough to double up as an excuse for not studying for my Master's Degree. But I will ace the exam. I am telling you that. How the hell do I manage to say that so confidently? Because if I really believe I can do something, I invariably do it. And I do it well. I'm magical that way. Hence proved, that I will pass with flying colours (Whatever that funny phrase means. I always picture myself riding on a rainbow when someone uses that phrase.) But still, wish me luck ok. Not because I need it, but because I like it.

December aa gaya! Another year has gone by. It was bad. Actually, I could call it the worst, but life has taught me through some rather harsh lessons that the worst is always yet to come. So I will call 2011 a bad year. 2010 didn't fare that well on my popularity chart either. It sucked. But if that wasn't enough, 2011 came along and said something like, "Muhahahahaha! I am going to screw your happiness! You will feel suicidal very single month!" And I did feel that way. Every. Single. Month. Why should I be ashamed to admit it? Hai toh hai. In fact I'm proud of myself because inspite of being down in the dumps most of the year, I survived it. 'I'm a survivor' by Destiny's Child is now playing in the background in my head and I'm dancing to it. 2012 is supposed to bring around the End of the World and all that shit that the Mayans warned us about. Apocalypse and other grand things are slated to happen. I am so looking forward to it. I never knew I'd live to see this day.

So its time to make new year resolutions? Bah. I never made any. never in my life.
It all seemed like a useless pursuit to me. And I prefer to invest time in some creative useless pursuits. Like annoying people, for example. Atleast its entertaining, if not fruitful.
Anyway, point is, this year i'm making a resolution and I plan on following it to the T. I resolve to never take anything seriously again. Yup. I will never be serious about anything again. No problem, issue or crisis shall worry me. I shall smile and laugh through it all and make up some wicked jokes while at it. I hereby vow to digest the biggest chill pill ever thought of and it shall last me for the whole of my lifetime. Nothing will deter me from guffawing and giggling through the hilarious mess that life is. Because tedha hai par mera hai. And I'm not refering to HM when I say this. I am talking about MY life. It is MINE. Muhahahhahaha!

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