Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Purani jeans...

Sometimes, talking to an old friend can be very therapeutic. Like being able to fit into an old pair of jeans that brings back such wonderful cherished memories. I spoke to O after a really long time today and when I hung up, I felt like myself again. O isn't the usual run of the mill kind of friend. He is something else. We don't go back a long way and I've known him for around 4 years but I don't think I've ever had a friend like him. We were constantly squabbling over petty issues and yelling our heads off at each other when we were classmates in Law school. I remember a particularly interesting fight we had over a couple of Kit Kat bars. It was epic. Now O was one of the most popular guys on campus and we never hung out together much. But we did a play, a moot and countless other creative stuff together and I must say, the guy was a first class 'Dramebaaz'. But more than anything else, he was and is a great friend. He's this weird combination of 'Agony Aunt' meets 'Worst Critic'. I can recall countless incidents about O which include bad graffiti, enviable appetite and the ability to befriend anyone and anything. He was my annoying, know-it-all friend, bad philosopher and interesting advice waala guide. He made me laugh and more often than not, he even made me cry out of sheer frustration and anger. There were days when he got on my nerves and then there were days when nothing was more comforting than having a chat with him. O and I drifted apart after our respective weddings. We got married within a day of each other and so we were conveniently unable to attend each other's wedding. I wish I'd been there to see O marry his long time girlfriend and soul mate who is an amazing girl herself. He recently had some sort of blood clot in his heart so I'm sure she's loving him lots and there's just no space left in his heart for all that affection. (Cheesy thought, but you should see them together. Absolute delight to watch) Anyway O, if you do happen to read this, know that you're a frikkin awesome friend to have and you are treasured. And this is from the trio i.e. Me, S and ofcourse N, who will be joining you in Delhi soon. God bless and you better take care of your cardiac muscle dude. 

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