Thursday, 8 December 2011


If I could, I'd be a 'Mumbai chi porgi'.
With a studio apartment in Bandra.
A dilletante.
Who watches plays at Prithvi Theatre every Friday.
Who spends all her Sundays browsing the shops at Causeway and Linking Road.
Who catches up with friends at Indigo.
Who paints, writes and scribbles.
Who shops at thrift stores.
Who volunteers at the Animal Shelter
Who learns Salsa and belly dancing and speaks French fluently.
Who spends afternoons at Kala Ghoda.
Who works, parties and finds time to play Golf.
Who has tons of books at home.
Who bakes the most amazing cupcakes.
Who is single and in love with life.
Who goes on frequent bike trips across the country.
Who sings and dances without a care in the world.
Who doesn't give a damn about anything or anybody.
Who is independent, bold, fearless and speaks her mind.
Who loves, lives and is an answer to people's prayers.
I'd be all this and much more.

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