Thursday, 8 December 2011

Know No No No...

Chalo ik baar phir se ajnabi ban jayein hum dono...
Brilliant song. Very profound.
I know atleast a handful of people who I wish I'd never 'known'. Or never let them 'know' me.
Its always easier to talk to strangers. They don't know you and therefore won't judge you because who wants to waste their time passing judgements about a complete stranger?
I think I have the best conversations with strangers. They have so much to tell and they listen to whatever crap you want to unload. You both know that you probably won't see each other again. So you enjoy the conversation and there isn't a boring moment. And the best part is that you can walk away when you're done.  Nothing lost, nothing gained.
But that's the problem, you see.
When you've finished talking, you both 'know' each other. So if you bump into said stranger again, he's no longer a stranger. He's someone who now 'knows' you. Who will recognise you. That's another person added to your 'people-who-know-me' list. Its a vicious cycle. Its almost as if the universe is plotting against you. Imagine the number of strangers you'll meet in your lifetime and when you're finally off to Hell (Or Heaven, whatever) you'll have a reaaalllly long list of people who 'know' you. Its not a good thing.
And now, coming to think of it, HM was also a stranger around two years back. Now he's someone who knows how I look in the morning, how I brush my hair and how I cry. And he also knows my flaws. He must have made a list of them. We were way better off when we didn't know anything about each other.
'Knowing', 'Knowledge'. I've decided that its going to be my least favourite word from now on. Major Buzzkill...

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